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Video quiz questions 

1) Are there many animals?

  • Yes, there are many animals.
  • No, there aren’t many animals.

2) What animal is it? (the green one)

Answer the question using your own words

3) Is he wearing a golden suit?

  • Yes, he is!
  • No, he isn’t!

4) What are the frogs doing?

Answer the question using your own words

5) Tap the microphone

6) What is purple?

Answer the question using your own words

7) Tap the rabbit in the middle.

8) What animal is it?

Answer the question using your own words

9) Is she loud?

  • No, she isn’t.
  • Yes, she is.

10) He moves like a …

  • horse
  • robot
  • lorry

11) How many spiders can you see?

Answer the question using your own words

12) Tap lizard’s hat

13) Find the trumpet

14) Is a mouse tall?

  • Yes, it is.
  • No, it isn’t.

15) Tap the right eye

16) Tap the left ear

Visiona la primera parte del vídeo sin subtitulos una vez. 

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  1. En el siguiente ejercicio, elige el nivel que decidas trabajar: nivel intermedio o nivel alto.
  2. Pon el vídeo a cero nuevamente, sin subtitulos, y completa los huecos con las palabras que escuches. 
  3. Para comprobar tus resultados, ve al final del ejercicio y presiona el botón ¡Terminado! Te aconsejamos la opción ver resultados inmediatos. 
  4. Para terminar, visualiza la segunda parte del vídeo con subtitulos.

Si deseas ponerte a prueba una vez más o probar otro nival, actualiza la página, refresh, y empieza de cero.


Escucha la secuencia un par de veces y, después, completa el ejercicio que encontrarás a continuación mientras lo escuchas de nuevo. 

There once was a peculiar doctor known for his extraordinary ability.

He could talk to animals. Doctor Dolittle’s reputation spread far and wide. Even the Queen of England called on him.

So grateful for his help she gifted him a wondrous sanctuary whose doors were opened to all creatures.

His days belonged to the animals, but his heart belonged to one woman. Lily the Fearless Explorer.

They traveled the globe going on great adventures. Defending creatures who could not defend themselves.

They made an extraordinary team. Soon, that team became a family.

With Lily by his side Dolittle never felt more alive.

Until one day she left on an adventure. Lily died at sea.

Heartbroken he locked the gates of the manor and completely retreated from the world.

As for me, and the animals whose lives he’d saved, we were left to wonder, could anyone save his?

Lion King

The hunger games